Figs in autumn

Every June/July I watch the fig trees as their fruit starts forming. And every year, with a certain amount of regret, I notice the last of the figs falling on the ground, unclaimed after the seasonal glut. For at least the last three summers, I have intended to ask the lady down the road if... Continue Reading →

I have bitstripped

Bitstrip is a new Facebook app which is quite fun to use - provided your good friends also create their own Bitstrip avatar.  It proved so popular within the first few days that the program crashed. The app writers were a little ambitious, and have now removed a few of the flexibility features which made... Continue Reading →

Read the fine print

This is a very ordinary story with no particular punchline. It started seven weeks ago when I made an appointment to see the doctor. I saw the doctor last week at our local health clinic. I live in Portugal and have finally got to the point when I understand most of what I hear, and... Continue Reading →

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