A lethargic start

Sketches in ink – 1

I cannot pretend that the New Year’s Eve dinner of linguine with prawns I enjoyed in the company of eleven other people originally from Zimbabwe amid intense heat and humidity at a marina on the outskirts of Brisbane, Australia, where I am currently on holiday, is responsible for the lethargy of which I speak. Holiday may well be the key word here. As Kenny Rogers sings in the song, “The Gambler”, “there’ll be time enough for counting when the dealing’s done”. I know most of you would have preferred a literary reference – or at least one that did not involve Kenny Rogers – but I did mention lethargy, didn’t I?

Feet firmly planted in a hammock
Feet firmly planted in a hammock


Last year, my de profundis clamavi  (cf. Psalm 130) saw the beginning of a daily entry under the title of “Sources of Joy” which migrated from this blog to Facebook as pressure of work increased and my inclination to provide a daily photograph on this blog declined. Some 240 days later, I felt that a change was needed.

While there are no doubt many sources of joy not yet experienced nor mentioned, a new year bids a new start. The cynic in me, which is still alive and kicking, thinks “Sketches in ink” is a far better title for my daily musings than one conceived a couple of days ago, which was “Thoughts from the hammock” – principally because of the difficulty of actually engaging in rigorous thought while lying in a hammock.

The other subtitle I rejected was “Five things” mainly because I might not want to talk about five whole things on any given day – and certainly not every day, and because I detest the word “thing” when a more precise word can be found. This grand conclusion was reached while floating on an air-filled tube in a swimming pool while wondering if I would ever be the bearer of decently tanned legs.

So “Sketches in ink” it is, although these are neither sketches, and cannot be said to be in ink by any stretch of the imagination. One of my Christmas gifts was a fountain pen (of the practical, not expensive, kind); a good omen, if one lends any credence at all to omens.

One of my translation colleagues has wished those around him an “intense 2015, jam-packed with successful projects”. (I am sure that José Manuel Braga will forgive my ad-libbing in the act of translating freely in this instance.)

I shall remain unoriginal and wish you the same. How you achieve the intensity hereby wished upon you is entirely up to you!


©Allison Wright, 2015



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