The greatest gift

As a teenager I had a friend whose entire sex education talk received from her father (since her mother preferred to give the impression that she never engaged in such nonsense) encompassed one sentence:

Sex is God’s greatest gift to man (sic), and the most abused.

It dawned on me shortly thereafter that all gifts should be celebrated with as much exuberance as we can possibly muster. Hence my compulsion to share Vagina Soup, one of Toni Le Busque’s many wonderful creations.

Toni Le Busque also made a stop-motion film of the making of Vagina Soup:

Did I mention how eclectically fussy I am about what I consider to be good art? Well, I am. And this work, although cheekily derivative, gets pride of place in my dream-house gallery.


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  1. Have just noticed your subtitle for the first time! I really don’t think that stray thoughts should ever be tamed. Wildlife should be preserved. 🙂


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