Watching in delight

Guest post: 3 mistakes in 3 important areas that may be costing you business -. I am watching in delight as yet another young, motivated translator ups the game for the rest of us. Kasia Pranke certainly seems to be making the most of some of the best advice around. This is wonderful to see.... Continue Reading →

Byronic potatoes

I dedicate my lunch today to Lord Byron. One look at the photo above, and you may think that is an insult - either to Lord Byron or to the carapau assado, a typical Portuguese dish, depending on your opinions regarding either or both. Before I explain, and since I am talking about Byron, I... Continue Reading →

Learning new things

... we are standing on the cusp of a fresh new mentality which we have to embrace - whatever our age - in order to maximise the benefit we derive from the diverse activities which fall under the aegis of freelance translation.

Sara and the dog

 I wrote this story on the train, the same day that it happened at the end of May 2014. Here it is, typed up ten months later: On this mild but quite sunny afternoon the bench on the railway platform is vacant. Vacant, except for a large dog lying down on the ground near a... Continue Reading →

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