500 words before breakfast

Content warning: Vegetarians will not like the images. In my penultimate post you saw a smidgin of my analysis of  2015 figures, which was the first step in figuring out how I would like to deal with 2016. The chief problem I had was one of proper time management. So I have come up with... Continue Reading →

Transforming coffee

It is with a sense of enormous privilege that I am able to derive the benefit of another translator's wisdom gleaned from slightly more years' experience than I have in my own bag of goodies. What is more, I was able to obtain permission to quote the perspicacious and precise woman immediately that my mind... Continue Reading →

The Scatterling series – 28, 29 & 30

I was quite conscious that the next story in this potted story of me so far was ostensibly about whisky when I attended the convivial gathering after the English Carol Service in my village on Thursday evening. I cannot claim, despite a burning desire for it to be so, that I experienced the expanded state... Continue Reading →


This story was one of my submissions in a MOOC held by the University of Iowa entitled "How Writers Write Fiction", which was an exercise in revealing character through dialogue, with a word limit. I was disappointed that I could only do about half the course because of work obligations. The wealth of material made... Continue Reading →

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