Raining today, just as well

Just as well I have a crazy alarm clock.

Translating a blog on the bus

It might be fanciful to think that translating thus brings a wider perspective to the text at hand, but you won't know unless you've tried it.

Chronicle of Allison’s translation blogs in 2016

As translators and writers, we need to hone our craft constantly, whatever route we choose.

Bits and pieces

I was hardly going to re-enact the most primitive form of strength training I have ever experienced,

Hotel oranges

Instant gratification won over perfection, for the oranges were freshly picked from our tree and very sweet.

Splitting wedge

The wedge works. I have five four-inch nails to prove it. I extracted them from the nearest pallet within ten minutes of arriving home.


A cushion against undesirable stresses and various other ghastly aspects in daily living.


Greek gods have been awfully busy spilling their immortal lifeblood.


en «regardant par mon hublot» Greetings to 2017, and to all those who have resolved to look forward with renewed hope, etc., despite atmospheric turbulence encountered last year! I took time out between Christmas and New Year. I did not force myself to do anything as systematic as review last year's goals against what I... Continue Reading →

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