Into the city: a memory

Source: Into the city: a memory In real life, I met and worked together on a short project with the "younger sister" referred to in this blog. I have never met the writer of this blog in real life, but feel as if I have, or should have, or might yet one day, and that... Continue Reading →

The human eye

I gave a presentation in my far from perfect Portuguese on Saturday 17 June 2017 at the Faculty of Human and Social Sciences at the Universidade Nova da Lisboa. The one-day #TransLisbon 2017 event was hosted by the Faculty under the aegis of Aptrad, the Portuguese Association of Translators and Interpreters. The idea behind the... Continue Reading →


If it does not, at least it was entertaining imitating Great Aunt Mildred a little worse for wear after one too many sherries.

Why make presentations?

Clearly, the rational human being has no say in this decision; the ego merely forces her to submit a proposal with haste.

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