Today was mainly about patterns. As I sought to find a cheery photo for today’s blog, I came across one of a stained glass window near the tourist exit of the Mezquita-Catedral de Córdoba.

Its strict geometric pattern had me thinking of the Rosicrucians, and the belief held by them that certain geometric shapes are imbued with sacred properties. Off I went on a Google Search to discover whether any known Rosicrucians (or their antecedents) could have been involved in the planning of the infinity of arches at the Córdoba Mosque. No such luck in finding what I was looking for. I am more amazed than ever, however, at the sheer volume of arcane material now available on the internet.

This little bit of historical and esoteric information in small helpings was a perfect accompaniment to the compilation of annual and year-on-year statistics.

Sadly, these do not conform to the hoped-for linear progression. I already knew I had fallen below the average of the previous five years (because of established monthly and quarterly benchmarks for myself), but to have fallen short of the 2012 level by 6.27% (urgh!) seems to be a particularly cruel revelation. Losing a good client who halted a big project early in 2018 awaiting the outcome of Brexit is not the only reason for this droopy curve. Retrospection is as retrospection does.

The negative variance on 2017’s earnings of more than 20% (urgh, again, for the same thing, essentially) has me wondering what it is going to take for me to tackle challenges with the zeal I possessed in years gone by.

I suppose I shall just have to knuckle down methodically while being grateful for graph columns which graphically resemble the fins on an oil heater.

Meanwhile, the search for a word similar to “parabola”, but not one, for a shape that provides acoustic amplification, might be in one of these diagrams here.

Best wishes to fellow translators for a productive and profitable 2019.

©2019 Allison Wright

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