It is icy this morning! I checked the time on my phone on my bedside table as soon as I realised I was awake, and then checked e-mails and my newsfeed on Twitter. And then I stopped, for my hands were too cold. I hastily put them under the covers and decided that lying there wide awake for a few minutes was precisely the kind of indulgence required for the day.

She was the one who started it. We used to lie facing each other, and declare in unison with an almost childish glee, “It’s Saturday!”, as the vast horizon of the weekend shone through the window.

As soon as they heard that, our lively Labradors would start wagging their tails, pleading with us to get up and get with it. And so, we would, talking about what we needed to do, on a “first things first” basis, as always.

Heart biscuits ready for the oven; brown, because I added a bit of carob flour to the mix. Small hearts are from all the much-handled off-cuts of the dough, and for me to eat first!

Now that my hands were warm, it occurred to me that there were three things I needed to do first: write a blog post, go to the café for a coffee, and make some biscuits using the largest of the heart-shaped cookie cutters. Clearly, I had to prioritise.

Still life with grated orange on floured board

Heart biscuits were obviously the most important and urgent, followed by coffee. Order in all things, and all that.

©2019 Allison Wright

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