At 06:00 today the phonetic proximity of the words moonbeam and mung bean occurred to me, although, of course, they do not look alike if you compare a single mung bean in the palm of your hand with this poor photo.

Full moon with moonbeams, or luminescent mung bean?

If you have ever sprouted mung beans, or alfalfa, in a jar, you will know that mung beans like to be in a crowd, and yet the English description oddly spans two words, whereas the word moonbeam, describing a lone phenomenon in the night sky, has slammed two words into one neat little unit. I know the word is not the thing, but occasionally I wish a kind of imaginative logic applied to such things.

I try to think of such things when I wake up ridiculously early to catch the only bus to the next town until mid-morning to have a translation certified because it sure beats muttering things like “it’s cold”, or “I need coffee”. And because talking of moonbeams, and their like, is seldom the whole story.

©2019 Allison Wright

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