Sweat, no tears

Day 5: smidgins of joy

Smidgins of joy are like spontaneous beads of perspiration seeking solace in a desk fan at full blast.

Someone gave me a dish of cooked beetroot last week to which I added homegrown sliced onion. The smidgin of joy came yesterday when I returned the dish with a generous couple of handfuls of prunes, from plums I dried on a rack I made myself.

The easiest way to harvest plums: climb the ladder, shake the branches.

I ate a tomato at breakfast time, and threw the bits into a vegetable bed, where they can self-seed after I have moved house.

I dislike the sound of my desk fan intensely. The occasional blast brings joy, in the form of physical relief, although I prefer milkshakes of the iced coffee variety.

It is too hot to think of any other smidgins, except a five-year-old bestseller by Ruby Wax, called Sane New World which I have just downloaded. There is a long excerpt here. Google Play lets you pay via PayPal. Oh, what a smidgin of joy that was!

I shall read it in the evenings with my feet up to minimise swelling, and the fan on high speed, oscillating.

©2019 Allison Wright

4 thoughts on “Sweat, no tears

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    1. I am indeed, Ros. The owners are selling. By the end of September, I hope to have found a small apartment near a beach (and theatres!) in these parts – either Faro or Tavira, by preference.
      It is disappointing – and quite strange to be in the garden now, knowing that the continuum of “next year” no longer exists in this space for me. Very little is truly ever ours, and life seems to be sending me a message to move on!


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