Lunch for one

Day 10: smidgins of joy

Non-conformity and living alone join forces to create smidgins of joy.

Sometimes, living alone is gleeful. One’s eating habits can become irregular. For example, lunch is when I say it is. Today it was at 14:30; yesterday 16:00 was deemed the best time.

Method of preparation of meals generally follows accepted practice,. Except there is no one to censure my gobbling of dates while rolling out the dough (made and refrigerated the day before) for the roti for the tuna, mayo and spinach wraps.

Freedom comes with the ingredients, however. Had I been preparing the food for someone else, I would have been tempted to include grated carrot and onion, But hey, spinach on its own is good enough for me!

Someone has bitten into all three wraps already

The choice of plate is also entirely up to me. This ridiculous little saucer was fine for my purposes. I see there is a surfeit of flour on the roti. This comes from the wooden board on which I prepared them. Since it is only me, there is no need to be excessively demanding about wiping the board right away. It’s only flour, for Pete’s sake!

No one has complained about me photographing my food. That’s a big plus. And what shall I wash this lot down with, you ask? A mug of coffee that has gone cold, followed by water, that’s what!

And where will I eat it? Since a tour of the garden accompanied yesterday’s meal, I shall indulge in a bout of eating while seated at my desk. Job done!

©2019 Allison Wright

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  1. Your roti look nice. My only complaint is that I’m reading this at 12.40 am and am now absolutely ravenous! Bedtime, I think (did you get the Magic Roundabout when you were a kid? I reckon probably not, or I’d have quoted Zebedee).


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