Sits and thinks

Day 14: smidgins of joy

Smidgins of joy in low-energy mode.

Saturdays have a mind of their own. They are rebels, and will not change their make-up merely because I wish it so. Very rarely in my life as a freelancer have I been able to work the 08:00-13:00 shift on a Saturday.

Saturday mornings are for doing household chores, or shopping or getting into sports gear or sawing bits of wood for the seat of a chair you’re refurbishing.

And then doing nothing for the rest of the day after giving yourself a foot massage. This is what has always passed for “being lazy” in my family. The delights of forbidden fruit.

I bought the semi-refurbished throne into the hallway, to remind me to start sewing the cushion cover. I placed the cushion on it in the late afternoon and sat on it. So far, all fine. Then I had a thought about having to move house.

If I refurbish this chair, I will have a total of six chairs, including my desk chair, to my name. That feels like too many. A Ionesco moment. Since I don’t know where I am headed, I cannot tell whether verandah chairs will be superfluous. I take great joy in leaving that decision in abeyance. It’s Saturday, after all.

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