Day 15: smidgins of joy

It’s okay to dismantle stuff; there are smidgins of joy in the cracks.

Now that I am moving house, my contribution to the continuum that was my gardening practice is no longer required. Some of what I would have done makes no sense because it is unlikely that anyone will garden here after me. That is a harsh fact, and one that has taken me several weeks to swallow.

It has made sense to continue to water those vegetables that will mature while I am still here. It is also sensible to leave a couple of the raised beds I have built as they are. Why give myself extra work?

Today, the penny finally dropped about all the untidy ad hoc projects mid-way through: I can dismantle them, and no one will be any the wiser. That appealed to me. No need to rush into it. I will pick up that smidgin of joy in due course.

Winter clothes inside.

One more smidgin of joy saw me packing all my winter clothes in a clean canvas duffel bag. I shan’t need them until I reach the new place. Luckily, I like the smell of moth balls and camphor blocks.

©2019 Allison Wright

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