Five’s good

Day 25: smidgins of joy

Five is the number of minutes you need to cook up a good smidgin of joy.

What nonsense! Joy is not dependent on time, that is for damn sure! It can happen in an instant, or take ages to shows its face.

Besides which, five minutes is good for lots of things.

In five minutes you can rant and rave, and break your own all-time high blood pressure record. In five minutes you can render yourself inebriated, or satiated. In five minutes you could get covered in mud, or have a shower and emerge squeaky clean.

Or in five minutes, you can rake up a whole lot of loquat leaves and decide that creating a communal blog where friends can post their five-minute writings is a good idea.

In five quick seconds, you can decide that the blog will be called:

five stray minutes

So, head on over there if you want to join me in what I have previously called #fiveplusfive writing exercises. You’ll appear on the site as a writer, and can post your own stuff there daily.

No strings attached. I look forward to seeing you over there and, of course, your five-minute creations.

In other news, I’ve started a course that makes me think. After Module 1, I am supposed to do some brainstorming. Ha! Stuff that for a laugh, I am going to sleep. Tomorrow is another day, for which I will have no thought.

©2019 Allison Wright

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