At the washline

Day 27: smidgins of joy

Cool laundry can be a smidgin of joy.

The online meteorological service lies. It was much hotter than 28ºC at 16:30. How do I know? Because that’s what the said service said the temperature was at 22:00, and my body said it was cooler at night than in the afternoon.

Perhaps that was because of the delightful experience of hanging laundry on the washline by moonlight at around 21:30.

The full moon will do that to you.

The clothes will all be dry tomorrow morning. Good, but I still don’t like summer. The heat is enervating. The struggle is real.

A graphic representation of 28ºC at 22:00.
I live in the second-coolest part of the subcontinent; I should not complain.

By the way, I washed several winter scarves today, as part of the moving house operations. Yes, yes, the scarves I am keeping. The others are already at the second-hand store and erased from my memory. A smudged smidgin of joy, in that case.

©2019 Allison Wright

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