Symphony of the Sea

by Sheila Eames

Symphony of the Sea

The sky is blue,
The sea is too,
Or is it emerald green?
Gently swirling,
Wavelets curling
Gently on the beach.

Children playing
Parents lazing
Sunning on the beach
Sail boats sailing
Dinghies flailing
Happiness on the beach

The sky turns grey
The sea today
Is steely menacing cold.
Waves are growing
Angry, throwing
Sea upon the beach

People strolling
Rain is rolling
In from the roaring sea
Ships are tossing
Waves are frothing
Spumy water on the beach

The sky turns black
Sea, waves attack
The ever-growing wind
Lashing, thrashing,
Noisily crashing
Smashing on the beach.

Wind is whipping
Rain is ripping
Sandy clouds off the beach;
Boats are sinking
Roofs are lifting
The world is angry on the beach.

Nature broods
Shows her moods
Beautifully on the beach
The music plays
On different days
The symphony of the sea.                   

Living on the coast you can enjoy the symphony of the sea, in all its changing moods and colours. Soothing, exciting, quiet, noisy, gentle lapping, crashing…
Photo and poem by Sheila Eames       

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