Sources of Joy – Day 2

Landlord's wife, café chats, fresh cream, and pears The landlord's second "wife" was seen sweeping outside my front door for the first time in eighteen months. With the heavy rains last week, we had a lot of topsoil and leaves run down the concrete path on the side of our apartment, part of a double-storey... Continue Reading →

The Village

I live in a village in the Algarve, in the south of Portugal. There are over 26,000 such villages in Portugal. I cannot give you a link to this information because I heard it on television a couple of years ago, and Internet searches to confirm the exact number have proven futile. Things I like... Continue Reading →

Coffee with Adam and God

I have never been to the Sistine Chapel, so have never seen The Creation of Adam in real life: I know that posters are printed of the hands  of God and Adam with their fingers almost touching. I know this because someone once bought us one - and we framed it. Rather fittingly - or... Continue Reading →

It was the marshmallows wot did it

My earliest memory of surreptitiously satisfying my sweet tooth relates to my six-year-old self climbing onto the kitchen counter to gain access to a big round biscuit tin about four inches deep placed on top of the fridge by my mother. That in itself was supposed to be a secret place but, as you know,... Continue Reading →

Pencil in hand

There is something quintessentially civilised about sitting in a café. I love saying that because I love sitting in a café, and I love drinking coffee.I also love saying that, because anyone who might be tempted to think of something else quintessentially civilised is in danger of being thought uncivilised for doing so. Perhaps it was... Continue Reading →

In short,

Sunny day, improving spirits all round; three loads of laundry hanging on the line, thereby ensuring that my pile of things to iron remains huge; complete bath and hair wash for my beloved, during which time I spilled a basin of soapy water on the lounge floor, thereby underlining the fortuitousness of the absence of... Continue Reading →

I had such fun liaising with Catherine Jan on my recent guest post on her blog, Catherine Translates. It was a pleasure working with a fellow translator who knows her stuff. At the risk of creating one of those dreaded circular references so often found in Excel spreadsheets, here is the link: I have made... Continue Reading →

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