Sources of Joy – Day 28

Technology, and carrots Receiving sudden, very sad news of the critical state of health of a childhood friend is tempered by the appreciation of the Facebook chat box. The exchange with the healthy brother is Immediate, direct, intensely personal. We share so many links and interconnections, so many years. Words in print don't convey the... Continue Reading →

Rethinking Facebook

Private and Personal I freely admit that up until very recently I answered all translator forum polls regarding Facebook with the comment that I reserve Facebook for friends and family, and use ProZ, LinkedIn and Google+ and, to a certain extent, my blog, for interaction on a professional level. I had this idea that I... Continue Reading →

Imagine that you’re monolingual

My dislike of making phone calls collided with the necessity of phoning customer support to reconfigure my modem after our recent bout of liquid sun. Viewed objectively, I could help myself in two ways: I could order a new landline instrument so that I do not have to use my cheap cellphone on which I... Continue Reading →

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