Scrabs is not in the dictionary. That is what the Scrabble® (excluding U.S. and Canada) application on Facebook will tell you. I say Scrabs simply to avoid inserting the registered trademark symbol every time I type it. It’s a cheap shot, I know.

I like playing online. It beats playing on one’s own! I play the one move a day option with a number of my friends. We use the Scrabs scoreboard/chat function to joke with and tease each other in much the same way as we would if we were sitting around the conventional board, fumbling with tiles and checking each other’s mental arithmetic.  Most of us are not that competitive with each other; we just like juggling letters about and discovering weird new two and three-letter words for an obscene number of points.

Once, a cousin and I tried to play a game using only offensive words and swear words. We failed miserably because, it would seem, there are not enough of these in the English language.

I guess we would have come out with some choice expletives if this had ever happened to us:

I love those savage chickens!


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