In between

Sources of Joy - Days 38 and 39 I am not sure that there should be a space between these two days. They form a contiguous blob in my mind. Each blob contained high anxiety levels tempered only by the calming effect of having a mountain of work from saving me from having to think... Continue Reading →

Sources of Joy – Day 8

Easter Sunday My day started in Australia just after midnight my time. I phoned my sister (the new mother-in-law) to wish her a happy Easter. What a lovely conversation that was! My subsequent hour-long conversation with my mother and father absolved me for not having written to them for three weeks. I went to sleep... Continue Reading →

Sources of Joy – Day 1

Music, song, free time, and ironing Today, a friend of long standing completed a 100 Happy Days challenge begun at the beginning of the year. I think I may well have hit the like button on every one of her posts. Call me obsessive if you like, but I suppose I was motivated by the... Continue Reading →

Your laundry is calling you

The other day, the poll on a translator forum asked how long we worked before taking a break. You will note that the question was not how often we take breaks. That would imply that most freelance translators stick to a rigid timetable. I, for one, cannot imagine that there are too many translators who... Continue Reading →


How I feel when I put stuff on the Internet - 20px - Twenty Pixels. I used to have a small walled garden leading off a wide thatched verandah which my partner christened the "inner sanctum", and the name stuck. Each gardening decision was taken meditatively. This is not to say that it did not... Continue Reading →

Fresh thought

It is not so fresh a thought. It is more like the sun taking a particularly leisurely stroll at dawn, then suddenly, by surprise catching me in the eye before I have had time to squint. Then it hits me. Hey, it says, you do realise you have been holding your true creativity at bay... Continue Reading →

Sofa karma

Unless we are blessed with the gift of special sight, we do not know what tomorrow will bring. When today was yesterday, I did not know that I would be purchasing an L-shaped sofa based on the telephonic suggestion of a friend who spotted it at half-price during a casual perusal of a catalogue in... Continue Reading →

…little talk awhile of me and thee…

I came across one of those sentimental "quotations" so prevalent these days. I have done a quick translation into English, and must emphasise now that I do not identify with the sentiment conveyed! And if I were to die? Imagine what it would be like, you sending me an SMS knowing that I would never answer... Continue Reading →

Baffled in the Peanut Gallery

One thing I like about my real-life friends of old scattered about the globe like so many seeds carried by the wind is that they post interesting news articles on a shared social media network. I never have to search for stimulating reading material myself. It simply pops up on the screen before me. Admittedly,... Continue Reading →

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