Sources of Joy – Day 1

Music, song, free time, and ironing

Today, a friend of long standing completed a 100 Happy Days challenge begun at the beginning of the year. I think I may well have hit the like button on every one of her posts. Call me obsessive if you like, but I suppose I was motivated by the fact that I knew she was forging on from a starting point of difficulty and had to navigate changes in her life to arrive at a better, happier place. I am now taking up the baton, relay-style.

So, here goes:

1. Music has always been a source of joy for me. Here is a Gregorian chant, which lends itself well to the meditative nature of contemplating joyful things:

2. Today is Palm Sunday. I happily sung in procession today in our hilly village. I was truly happy the procession was downhill, and could have taken a photo of the assembled crowd complete with palm branches against an intense blue sky, but I was enjoying myself too much to care. That, and the slight logistical problem of what I normally refer to as the cocktail party dilemma: an olive branch (a good palm frond substitute in these parts) and hymn book meant my hands, although not sticky, were full, and I had to watch my step.

3. I have not checked my worklist, but I believe this was the first weekend in six that I have not worked. The break has done me the world of good. I appreciated everything that means, including the chance to linger over preparing lunch, and linger further over the eating of it.

4. Joy also came in the form of having the freedom to iron quite a few clothes. All I will say about that is that I love order, and the ironing today will bring joy  when I open my wardrobe and have a choice of crisp, clean clothes to choose from in the days ahead.




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