Life is like an avocado tree

It is high time I wrote on this topic. Life is like an avocado tree. It is. Forgive the enormous extrapolation from the very basic idea that my life as I am experiencing it today is like the avocado tree in my garden. Now you can see why the formulation "life is like an avocado... Continue Reading →


Sources of Joy - Days 96 and 97 Perhaps I have been unduly influenced by a curious blend, inter alia∗, of pop psychology, New Age thinking and French literary trends c. 1920–1960. Today's events on my little planet revolved around the theme of choice, something I expounded upon at length for about a decade straddling... Continue Reading →

Saving grace and saving face

Sources of Joy - scattered over days 44-49 These six days have been interspersed with the varied joys of public transport, public bureaucracy of the efficient kind, no transport except my two feet on several occasions, unexpected giving up the ghost of my own vehicular transport after its recent visit to the mechanic's, and the... Continue Reading →

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