Open Library is yours (ACCESS FROM HERE): now a one stop access widget!

New at euzicasa: Open Library is yours (ACCESS FROM HERE): now a one stop access widget!. Readers of the world unite! What a far cry this is from the part-time job I had for a while as a university student! I was a "shelf reader". This entailed gazing at the rows of books stacked on... Continue Reading →

I ♥ Adobe Reader X

A few days ago, patenttranslator admitted that his new best dictionary-friend is Google Translate in a well-balanced and well-reasoned post. —Yes, there is a relatively small population of Earthlings who have dictionaries for friends. Weird, possibly, but true. Some have had relationships with dictionaries since earliest childhood. Most adherents to this subculture conduct relationships with multiple dictionaries... Continue Reading →


There is nothing so wonderful as coming across exciting news by accident. Little did I know, whilst struggling with a capricious Internet connection as I was researching EU regulations on biodiversity and the like - as translators do - that today I would stumble upon a remarkable piece of information: The banana genome has been sequenced!... Continue Reading →

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