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I have just migrated to WordPress.com!  All my previous posts have successfully landed here intact with minimal effort on my part. I have managed in the short space of 30 minutes, however, to create the ugliest possible composition of graphics. Those of you who worked with me years ago on various annual reports will laugh, and know... Continue Reading →

Left is all right

I seldom get any sort of written communication from my younger sister (the art teacher/artist) but when I do, she is often quotable, if one punctuates: Incidentally, what happened to good old chalk boards where you had the resistance of the chalk against the board? Whiteboards and whiteboard markers have a slimy, slippery, unsatisfying relationship.... Continue Reading →

I had such fun liaising with Catherine Jan on my recent guest post on her blog, Catherine Translates. It was a pleasure working with a fellow translator who knows her stuff. At the risk of creating one of those dreaded circular references so often found in Excel spreadsheets, here is the link: http://www.catherinetranslates.com/translating-large-volume-book-connections-corrections/ I have made... Continue Reading →


There is always something that falls between the cracks. This is the primary reason I beat myself extra hard on the chest during the "mea culpa" part of Confession at Mass today. The sin? Failure to return a library book within the time required. It is, however, the penance rather than the sin itself which has... Continue Reading →

A bright idea

Buying light bulbs used to be easy. Where I came from, British standards were followed in this regard.  We had screw or bayonet types (gory name, that last one). For the bathroom 75 watts was ample, 100 watts more than enough for the verandah, and 60 watts if you wanted decent lighting at a desk... Continue Reading →

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