A&A confusion

In my world A&A is shorthand for all those jolly acronyms and abbreviations one has to straddle with elegance when translating.

Time was I had the English and French A&As for all United Nations organizations, and their long versions down pat. Ditto arbitrary bits of German legislation. Green-eggs-and-ham style, I could say them standing on my head, recite them from my bed, type them eyes closed, half dead…

Now, I would say, it is pretty much a hit-and-miss affair. It is not really because my memory has gone to seed, it is simply that I do not translate much in the way of UN documents any more.

Which is why I am so flummoxed as to my lack of alacrity in dealing with the current crop of A&As with which I have had an intimate acquaintance – and repeated encounters – for approximately the last eighteen months.

Upon reflection, it may well be boredom. It may also be the way all those capital letters dance about and change position when jumping from one language to another.

On the bright side, the concordance function in my CAT tool is very useful. If not doing the feline form of translation, “Find” works just as well. Copying and pasting sure beats retyping all those long names, too.  Yes, I know I could create shortcut keys. Ha! – but then, I would have to remember them.

Ooh! I have just remembered one short-lived blast from the past: Confederate Rhodesian Action Party. No comment required.

(ta-ta for now)


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