Vegetarian delights

Until I started learning Portuguese, I considered myself a good speller. Now, I sometimes have the odd doubt. So, I need to check these things, and normally do so online. I typed the word for vegetarian, spelled incorrectly as “vegeteriano”, into a popular online bilingual resource.

Beware spelling errors! Because even Goggle will tell you that there is no way in vegetarian heaven or hell that these two snippets are translations of each other:

I would not have found this had I spelled “vegetariano” correctly. Needless to say, I voted this “translation” down.

Gross mistranslation is what I can safely call the above abomination.

If one spells a word correctly, however, one receives other, slightly safer options to consider:

Correct spelling goes a long way to making effective word searches.
Still, take everything with a pinch of salt – even if you are a vegetarian. 🙂

Just had to blog this right away.

Yours in vegetables,


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