Ten minutes

Self-reprimand is often the best form of punishment precisely because it is private. I am going to make my most recent one public, though.

The sunrise was bright red in colour, unlike the image depicted here.
The sunrise was bright red in colour, unlike the image depicted here at 06:35,  10.November 2013

It was ten minutes to seven o’clock when I sat down again to work this evening. I thought to myself, “Great, I can check my mail – and the odd forum or two – before I start work at seven”.
What followed was a sense of horror, and then calm realisation.

The horror stems from the fact that I never used to think like that. If I happened to “arrive at work ten minutes early”, I used to be glad that I could get a ten-minute head start! I was never, ever gleeful of the fact that I had an opportunity to waste ten minutes. Why should I be now?

The clock, as we know, is a device which divides the indivisible (time) quite arbitrarily. How many instances of ten minutes have I thrown away as if they mean nothing in the past week, I wonder? Too many, is probably the most accurate answer.

My message to myself (and suggestion to you): Never mind what the time is, get on with it!
Alternatively, “Hurry up, already!”


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