Glossário Ilustrado do Vinho

Glossário Ilustrado do Vinho
Coordinating author: Jorge Böhm
ISBN 978-972-576-668-2
Edição portuguesa.

A Portuguese publication for which I revised the English equivalents of the Portuguese entries (and their German counterparts) in this illustrated glossary. I was not responsible for the French text. Final work was done in close collaboration with the author and graphic designer. Revision of all Portuguese texts was done by Daniel Gouveia.
The author is the same one responsible for the Vine Atlas of Spain and Portugal published in 2011, which I translated.

Wine glossary blurb on AW
Mention in the author’s introduction as a “professional translator with extensive experience in wine terminology”

Work completed October 2017.
Published in December 2017

All posts under the Portfolio tab form part of Allison Wright’s portfolio, inasmuch as they document her signed translation and editing work done for clients and published either in print or online.

©2018 Allison Wright





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