Activity Book for Massaging Imagination

(for the original author’s Portuguese edition)
ART BOOKS WANTED International Award 2014 – Best Interactive (Activity) Book
ART BOOKS WANTED International Award 2014 – Overall Winner 2014

First edition in ENGLISH
Softcover, 64 pages, 210 x 297 mm, Black and white
Quality offset printing
Text, illustrations and design by Catarina Gomes
Editorial direction by Ludmila Favardin
Translations by Marta Gama
Proofreading by Allison Wright
Published by EDITION LIDU, 2015

Marta Gama translated the Activity Book for Massaging Imagination by Catarina Gomes from the original Portuguese and I edited the English as a pro bono exercise as her reward for winning two international awards for the original. Call it our endowment to the arts, if you will!

ficha técnica- activity book for massaging the imagination

The publication deadline was tight, so Marta sent me the Word files in both languages. There was no time to send me a copy of the book, which relies on visuals. Our solution was to have a Skype session, with Marta holding up the pages to the screen so that I could assuage niggling doubts I had as to translation choices. And that is how the job got done.

page from the activity book for massaging the imagination
The tantalising back cover

Sometimes unusual methods work, and also provide a bit of fun in the process. The book was launched in Prague in October 2015, and I received my very own copy in December 2015.

©2018 Allison Wright

All posts under the Portfolio tab form part of Allison Wright’s portfolio, inasmuch as they document her signed translation and editing work done for clients and published either in print or online.

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