Adriano Ramos Pinto – Wine and Art


Portuguese original:
Adriano Ramos Pinto – Vinhos e Arte, 2013. Graça Nicolau de Almeida, J.A. Gonçalves Guimarães,  Adriano Ramos Pinto (Vinhos) S.A.,
ISBN 978-972-95713-7-4 

The English translation, Adriano Ramos Pinto – Wine and Art, was originally intended for publication in spring or summer 2015. Work was completed late in 2014. In the event, it was not published due to a change in company priorities.
Based on a recommendation made by the translator (who revised the Vine Atlas of Spain and Portugal) to the Porto-based Casa Ramos Pinto, I revised a 77,000-word translation into English from the Portuguese of this remarkably rich corporate history spanning over 150 years. Revision made use of my knowledge of the wine sector and good general knowledge of the arts and cultural history. Translator: Alexandra Andresen Leitão. Revisor: Allison Wright.

© Allison Wright

All posts under the Portfolio tab form part of Allison Wright’s portfolio, inasmuch as they document her signed translation and editing work done for clients and published either in print or online.


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