The good ideas department

Today’s little graphic headed each page of our nice to do list for a good while almost twenty years ago.

The very collocation of graphics and computers was incredibly new and exciting, as was the reality that ordinary mortals could have their very own colour inkjet printer at home.

There are two kinds of to do lists.

The first is the grit-your teeth-and-get on-with-it list. It is horrible yet necessary for some semblance of order in the hectic chaos our lives can become. It often contains such gems as, “bath dogs, onions, phone mechanic, tax return, or dentist Wed 15:00”. Sigh. What a drag!

The second is the nice to do list. This is the repository of one’s goals and dreams. This list is originated, conceptualised and planned in the Good Ideas Department. Every well-run household should have one—and everyone in the household should be a regular visitor to the good ideas department.

In the good ideas department, a single item on the list may be the result of several hours of conversation, extensives doodles, laughter, a good movie on TV, endless cups of tea or coffee, or even a bottle of wine.

The good ideas department is where you will find big pieces of paper and coloured pens. In the good ideas department, there are no limitations and handwriting is neither neat nor legible because brainstorming requires speed. The need to capture the moment of inspiration is the overriding factor.

Your blueprint for your future project will probably be a scrappy piece of paper with circles and arrows and words in strange places, and funny little sums in the margins (very important embryonic cash flow).

Any attempt to streamline these ideas must be put off for at least three sleeps. During this settling phase, further scribblings on your blueprint may be required: keep it close at hand.

The important thing is that you now have something to structure in numerous ways on your computer using the huge variety of methods now available on the Internet—-and you have rested well, which is always a good idea; you will need the positive energy thus gained to bring your hot ideas to fruition.

Please make my day, and draw a red hot chilli on your next nice to do list.


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