Recently a friend posted a photograph on Facebook of an idyllic scene at a nearby beach which she captioned, “Where I live”:

I live here too. 😉

Now, I do not know precisely where she does live, but I do know where she stood to take that photo, and she most certainly does not live there! In her mind perhaps, and I can identify with that.

She has many friends in England, it would seem. Some of them were completely taken in by her cheeky little joke, even after we locals had teased her about what was to us an obvious, although pleasant, elastication of reality.

While I do not know her home address, I most often see her where she works in the village we both inhabit. From the door, one can take a number of photographs, as I have done below.

Apart from the absence of the beach, interesting rocks and cliffs, and the beautiful blue sea, there is not too much of a difference, really.

You can actually see the sea from lots of vantage points in the village, which means that on a clear day, you can see approximately 14 kilometres – and beyond.


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