Who am I kidding?

Freezer in summer
It is true: I simply opened the fridge and took the photo. Ice trays, one block of butter, one tin of evaporated milk (for use on a fruit salad imminently), and countless little plastic bottles full of ice. From which you may deduce that we live on love and fresh air.

My techno-eejit status has at least diminished somewhat.

I have decided to be part of the Daily Post Challenge. Hence the blog title. I got the widget onto my home page without reading the instructions slavishly, for once. Now all I have to do is write one post a day. I cannot manage a sensible Facebook status once a day (tried that last year for a while) without resorting to my favourite quotations.

It is past midnight, so technically I am a day ahead of myself.  Great!  I shall do tomorrow’s post today! The fact that I am being called to bed (twice now) is of no concern.

What is of more concern to me is that my coffee cup went empty about an hour ago, and the accompanying little plastic bottle of water is lukewarm on this hot August night.

I am equally concerned that even though it is past midnight – and therefore there is precious little outside of interest to photograph with my equipment – that I thought it apt to photograph the interior of my freezer and publish it.

I am sure I can come up with something better tomorrow (or the day of after next, depending on how you view midnight).

Watch this space for tomorrow’s offering – and with a bit of luck, a more interesting photo taken further afield.


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