Possible conversation

I really did type autamoitive today – twice.


This is probably a good time to see what I say about copying my original work at the foot of this post, or in my sidebar.


Please acknowledge any copying, or reference of any kind to anything on this blog (“That elusive pair of jeans”) by providing a link back to this page.
Adding my name – Allison Wright – won’t hurt you either.
It is only fair, since I thought all these things up. I will do the same for you.
Thank you.

2 thoughts on “Possible conversation

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    1. I am going to Lisbon again for a day’s work soon on the slowest high-speed train in Europe (2.75 hours for a journey of 263 km), so it’s good old English “builder’s tea” for me until then. And water, lots of water. 🙂


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