Not sharing

I never share, pass on, or otherwise refer to items which appear in my Facebook newsfeed with grammatical mistakes.  This one has two, although amazingly, the apostrophe landed in the correct place.

grammar donkey

The picture above was not posted as an example of incorrect usage of “there” and “your”. Whoever created it thinks it is fine for mass consumption. I am so tired of seeing these things, I do not even point out the errors.

I can laugh at the underlying idea, but I will be haunted for days by the shudder from reading the script.

Mostly, I suffer in silence. Should I? Is there a cure for this? You’re more than welcome to suggest a strategy!


8 thoughts on “Not sharing

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  1. You are (you’re) not alone. There are many of us, silent sufferers of the masses’ misuse and abuse of the seemingly ever-elusive, yet simply ignored apostrophe and others of its (not it’s) kind.


    1. I have a theory which cannot be proven: The percentage of the population who were not paying attention in class when these basic rules of grammar were taught has not changed radically in the last fifty years, say; what has changed is that we are inflicted with the pain of having to notice “more” errors because people who ordinarily used to shun writing now produce text daily because of the Internet, social media, and mobile phones.


    1. In the foot, at least. Such action seems reasonable only once one has eliminated all other possible reasons for error, such as dyslexia, lack of second, third or fourth language mastery, and altered states of mind brought on by narcotics and/or alcohol. We can count ourselves fortunate that rare is the person who exhibits all of the above traits. Monolingual laziness deserves a bullet.


  2. Sorry Allison

    I continue to polute the environment with a mixed bag of misplaced homophones, apostrophes, mis chosen spellings, and the unspelled-akin to the undead.
    By me being gone fishing the inevitable zombieword apocolipse was being stalled…oops till I wrote this….
    I so appriciate you and the truth and the cool things like this post and the one you sent me that had me laughing


    1. You are not nearly as bad as you make out, Wayward. You compensate by telling a damn good story, having a great imagination and a spirit which is, well, not zombielike at all. I already know that you can spell “appreciate”, so stop hamming it up!
      It may interest you to know that I withheld a “like” from another blogger’s post because in her last paragraph she got two subject-verb agreements wrong, and a dangling subordinate clause which outstripped George Dubbya Bush’s best televised efforts. Perhaps my behaviour can be ascribed the full moon and my being grumpy? I doubt it!


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