What now, little chicken?

The title of this cute little story on Doug Savage's website is "Comfort Zone". Ever the optimist, I guess success depends on one doing something before one's feet hit the ground. I assume one lands on one's feet. Allison (currently floating)

Change management

Clearly, I am not managing my desire to change my blog's theme very well. I am exhausted by the time taken to choose this one because of the easy-to-read font. Depending entirely upon my whim and workload, this less-than satisfactory re-vamp may well remain unchanged for quite some time. Right now, fiddling about with the... Continue Reading →

pure chance

dream-catcher tossed one up landed in mine carried me away held me tight moved me inward and beyond followed me around all day it is coming back again tonight Allison

SDL Trados Studio: Emma hits the mark, once again

Shortcuts in SDL Trados Studio: the basics. Apart from her characteristic clarity and precision, one of the things I like about Emma Goldsmith is that she shares her knowledge so liberally. Of course, this knowledge is available in the SDL Trados help files and videos on Youtube, but if you are allergic to those two... Continue Reading →


I would like to extend my hearty congratulations to spammers whose message content actually makes sense and pops up as a new comment on my blog. Greetings I am so excited I found your webpage, I really found you by error, while I was looking on Aol for something else, Anyhow I am here now... Continue Reading →

Shoes, and translation

Translators know the affliction only too well: the compulsion to edit, edit, edit. We edit even when we are not called upon to do so. If I am that mythical being we call "the average translator", then I can safely assume I am not alone in this affliction. Portuguese television has many programmes with English... Continue Reading →

Summer fare

One advantage of living a cave-like existence for days on end in a little village in the Algarve (see previous post) is that eventually, one has to visit the next town to visit one's friendly tax department and social security office, have one's handbag repaired before another year goes by, and get essential supplies - like... Continue Reading →

Strategic Siestas

Eventually - about half way down the page, you will be able to read about my freelance translation summer survival plan. But first, the historical preamble: I am relatively new to the whole experience of the European summer. As a recent immigrant to Portugal from Zimbabwe, this is only my fifth one. Southern African seasons... Continue Reading →

Drawing from life

Some people complain on Facebook about how their housemates do not clean the bathroom. One friend describes it in such graphic detail that I am compelled to remark that what she probably needs to remedy the situation is a soapy hot-water pressure hose. We are playing. We are joshing with each other. She replies that... Continue Reading →

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