Tired old soap operas do it

As I have already indicated, tired old soap operas do it, so I am going to. I am giving you a recap. I am drawing your attention to some bits of my blog you may have missed.

I am astounded that my previous post, published in the wee hours three days ago has attracted so many visits (384 as I write) so very soon. That is a high number for me. I looked at my statistics for “all time” – which are a little skewed, as is the wont of statistics generally, because I transferred from another blogging platform to this one after some of the posts here were written. What struck me is that a few may be of interest here to more than the two or three people who have already read them. The focus is on translation-related thoughts which will definitely not give you any clue on how to run your translation business. I hope some of them strike a chord or two with some of you.

Duly resuscitated, therefore, is Horace and the Daily Constitutional (October 2011), because I still cannot remember of whom the central anecdote was told, and there has to be a translator or avid reader somewhere on the planet who does, and wants to share this knowledge with me.

The Neurologist (November 2011) is included in the re-run because it was liked by a fellow translator, as was the one above, and because I am listening to the fado at the moment. I do not normally listen to music when I am at the desk, but then, I am not really working, am I?

Next on the list of translation-related musing is Back then in the backwater (Feb 2012), as a reminder that the universe is kind, and gives you a gentle introduction to so very many things, to make up for the rude awakenings which are just as likely to come along.

Last in the line is Click (August 2011), from which you may infer in my case that real translators no longer play golf.

Since I was reviewing things generally, I also took a picture of my current favourite pair of jeans, which (the picture and the jeans) have remained elusive for so long, and may well die soon from exhaustion. Something on the Blog Title page at last.

That no longer elusive pair of jeans
That no longer elusive pair of jeans


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