Sources of Joy – Day 3

Birdsong, long deadlines, a wedding, and devotion

Birdsong at 06:00 reminded me that I am really a morning person, despite my love of burning the midnight oil.

I got phoned from Switzerland today (Tuesday) with a request to do an effective 140-word translation by Thursday 10:00 a.m. For those of you who are not translators, this should take me approximately 20 minutes. Deadlines seldom get more generous than this!

If no other work comes in, I will have ample time to put together a congratulatory video with João for my eldest niece and fiancé who get married in Brisbane on Thursday. This is something I have left until the last minute. I have been given to daydreaming about the special moments we shared within the first hour of her birth and everything in between.

Fátima - october 2009
Fátima – October 2009

This evening, I participated in the Via Sacra (the Way of the Cross) in the village of Boliqueime, along with about 200 others. The Stations of the Cross are dotted about the village, and what little traffic there is simply gets blocked for the duration. Everyone carries a candle. I find moments of devotion and worship such as these a true source of joy.


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