Not elusive, but old

Day 18: smidgins of joy

The smidgin of joy in wearing jeans.

A mere filigree of joy today: it is cool enough to wear jeans, and then only because they are threadbare after five years’ wear.

Photo ©2014 Sheila Eames

One back pocket needs mending. I was holding out for a replacement and consigning this pair of jeans to the rag pile. Story of my life: a decent substitute for these jeans remains elusive.

Another note: I have been at my desk so long that I cannot adopt the pose struck above. No joy there. That is all. Except for the filigree tendrils on the loofah vine.

Tendrils are quite hard to photograph. They are better in real life.

One more reluctant smidgin: the two prunes I have just eaten on the way back from taking the above photo.

Okay, so twist my arm: I will concede to feeling the tiniest speck of hope as a contemplate the grand theme of turning points, and how I might be almost on the cusp of one.

©2019 Allison Wright

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