Honey, much sweeter than wine

I really ought to thank my mother in front of the whole world for never once missing the opportunity to take my sister and I for our six-monthly dental check-up for near on two decades. I have a healthy mouth full of silver of which I can be proud.

I say this with a toothache which is set to worsen considerably in the countdown to my “urgent” appointment scheduled late next week.

The toothache is my fault. I grind my teeth in my sleep, possibly because I have no patience with worrying about things during waking hours. Bits of the aforementioned silver fillings in the rear of my mouth broke off some time ago as a result. Upper and lower jaw, both sides.

I can no longer use the plastic teeth guard previously made for me because dental work since has changed the shape of one or two teeth.  Besides which, I have more or less ground it to a pulp, thus rendering it useless.

It is my fault I am in pain because I did not take immediate remedial action.  There always seemed to be something more important to do.

I had to admit aloud late this afternoon that I was not feeling well. This strange and unusual utterance was made after a brief excursion to attend to a minor matter, during which time I bought a jar of honey. I then stopped at the café and had a rather strange discussion (which I did not start) about lemons, tea, and food product labelling with several people there.

Upon waking from a sorely needed rest prompted by the fact that I could barely hold my head up any longer, I realised that I am contending with toothache and a bout of ‘flu.

Well, all things come together for the good: That fresh ginger in the fridge initially intended for chutney making has been assigned a new role. It shall join some boiling water, a good spoon of today’s honey, fresh lemon juice from my neighbour’s lemons and the all important tot of aguardente de figo (Portuguese fire water made from figs), a useful gift reserved for these ocassions.

If glugging that lot down does not break my fever, at least it will put me in a state where I will not care about the toothache.

Local folk tell me that a tot of medronho soothes the vocal cords and improves the singing voice.  I have not yet put this theory to the test.


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