Pig misunderstands (again)

I grew up on a diet of similar jokes (without the drawings) from my father. If we bemoaned the lack of classical music concerts in Zimbabwe, he would say that the country had a lot of “culture” – agriculture. Then he would laugh his head off.

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Today’s Pearls Before Swine:

Paris sitesparasites. If there’s a chance for Pig to misunderstand or misparse, he’ll take it. See him, for instance, on the Ottoman Empire (6/20/13) here, on word divisions (7/12/13) here, on take it as a given (7/21/13) here, on mastectomy (7/30/13) here, on man up (8/11/13) here, on clean someone’s clock (8/22/13) here, and on be expecting (8/23/13) here.

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