Sources of Joy – Day 17

Far from the crowd

As the expression goes, I took the whole day for myself today. What I mean by it probably  differs a little in the detail to what is generally meant. To me, it means that all I do is work; and I work because I want to. Apart from showering and dressing and making the bed − and intermittent cups of coffee, I do nothing else except work. I cheerfully ignore the housework, the washing machine and the kitchen sink. All these things align themselves thus only once in a blue moon. Variations in  one’s schedule, and manner of approach such as this are precisely why freelancers relish working from home (or wherever else they choose). The cynic in me calls it the joy of the illusion of autonomy; the rest of me calls it ideal.

Let us talk about the work, then. A brisk, extended morning started early saw the completion of three assignments, and almost an entire regular day’s work done by lunchtime. No mad dash, as is often the case. It felt methodical and calm, almost as if I were turning the pages of a coffee table book with deliberate, yet not ponderous, regularity. I used to work like this almost all the time. Somewhere along the way, less desirable ways of working crept in. I am gratified that my preferred method is still possible and workable, and has come into play with increasing frequency of late .

Down the road - all clear, fine and dandy.
Down the road – all clear, fine and dandy.

I suppose the experience could be likened to standing on the zebra crossing in Alfontes for at least three minutes at 10:30 on a Saturday morning, without fear of encountering a passing vehicle.  Whichever way you looked, it was the same; clear both ways.

Up the road: all clear, fine and dandy.
Up the road: all clear, fine and dandy.

My landlord stopped by and chatted for a few minutes at lunchtime to give us an update  as to what’s going on with our neighbours. The story really does have the makings of a soap opera. It may be strangely coincidental, but this morning’s musical blast (always at around 11:15) from my neighbour was a trance/hiphop number whose insistent thumping failed to mask the underlying tune; the theme tune from the TV series, “Dallas”. Needless to say, not my favourite, but the thought that someone was trying to do exercises to it brought a big JR grin to my face.


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