Apostrophe special

Vine to Wine Circle – launch

The BETA version  of the Vine to Wine Circle portal was launched today. This portal contains the entire contents of the Vine Atlas of Spain and Portugal as translated from the German in 2011, plus a substantial amount of additional material translated last year from the Portuguese. Click on the logo below to go to... Continue Reading →

just shut up.

just shut up.. Well, here's a good example of an informal style, yet a well-structured article, and an incredibly coherent argument maintained throughout which gets its message across. Have the stamina to read it. You will be so glad you did! Allison

Savage day!

I love the ambivalence elicited in me when I saw today's cartoon from Savage Chickens. Yes, excellent resolution to adopt! Notice favourite chicken's speed of execution. Notice how clean chicken's desk is, having scarpered off good and proper. Can I really pull a stunt like this off?Can you? I may have to schedule a couple... Continue Reading →

Bloody, bold, and resolute

No, no, no. I am not falling for this Writing Challenge: New Year's Resolutions (Doomapocalypse Redux). There will be no bucket list for 2013 here, although obviously I have got goals not achieved carried forward from 2012, and some entirely new ones I have recently thought up. I do not care about the apocalypse, whether it... Continue Reading →

Paperless office

I now regret just a little the conversation held with the women at our local garage on the morning of the 24th. It was fun, actually. The convenience store where you pay for fuel has what all good Portuguese establishments have: a coffee machine. I paid for €15 petrol, bought cigarettes, and one or two... Continue Reading →

Shoes and mist

I have just done the rounds of the international TV news channels at the end of Christmas Day. In the process, I have been subjected to at least twenty similar, but different, definitions of what Christmas is all about, all of which gave me indigestion without eating anything. I'll cut to the chase, then. Christmas,... Continue Reading →

Dear Leader — Tampon Subsidy

This post is written in response to the WordPress Daily Prompt, and deals with something I have always thought of as a good idea. I have been away attending to other matters for a while, but could not resist writing the following letter to my, or your, Leader: The Hon. Head Honcho Average First World... Continue Reading →

Not sharing

I never share, pass on, or otherwise refer to items which appear in my Facebook newsfeed with grammatical mistakes.  This one has two, although amazingly, the apostrophe landed in the correct place. The picture above was not posted as an example of incorrect usage of "there" and "your". Whoever created it thinks it is fine... Continue Reading →

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